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Chouon Senshi Borgman II: Shin Seiki 2058 Description:

Plot Summary: AD 199X, Tokyo. Four giant meteorites appearing out of nowhere crash on the city, destroying much of it. Thirty years later, Tokyo has been completely rebuilt under the name of Megalocity, enojoying a high level of prosperity and technology. However, the city is often under attack from extradimensional creatures called Youmas, that seem somehow linked to the accident happened thirty years before. While the city police seems mostly helpless against those creatures, a group of cyborgs known as Borgman, Ryo Hibiki, Chuck Swegger and Anice Farm, fight off the Youmas using powered suits called baltectors. With the help of the scientist Memory Gene, the Borgman try to stop the Youmas and their enigmatic leader, Gilbert Mesh, from taking over Megalocity.
Chouon Senshi Borgman II: Shin Seiki 2058 Episodes: